Website Analysis Reflection

For our third project, we were required to analyze an educational website. I chose Autostraddle, a blog focused on queer women’s issues and media.

My focus was on the intersectionality and inclusivity of the site’s content, which is surprisingly rare among mainstream LGBT media. I wanted to highlight the various ways Autostraddle emphasizes diversity and accessibility to all members of the community. I did this through a combination of directly addressing the site’s audience and discussing explicit inclusivity-focused posts and pages, and more subtle things such as the site’s layout and organization.

My paper gives a lot of detail about various aspects of the site, from visual to mechanical and even the general sense of community it fosters. I think my own position in the LGBT community heavily affects my ability to write about this topic without bias, but that’s not an inherently bad thing—given that the paper addresses other LGBT women, having an understanding of that identity and community lends me much more credibility.

You can read my paper here.


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