Literary Analysis Reflection

My second Writing 100 assignment was a rhetorical analysis of an essay or short story. I chose to read Alison Bechdel’s personal essay ‘Female Trouble’. We were given a few options, but Bechdel’s experiences with gender and sexuality as well as art resonated with me strongly.

I had a hard time more than anything else with backing up my points with description of personal perspective. What little background I have in academic writing has all been focused on sterile, impersonal analysis with the goal of complete objectivity. When addressing such a personal topic and the way it manifests in an essay, some more leeway was necessary.

With future assignments, I aim to make my writing feel more personal while maintaining a clear writing style and not becoming confusing. Creating a piece of work the audience can relate to without it feeling unprofessional is a difficult task. If I can find a comfortable middle ground between relaxed and skillful I will be pleased with my progress as a writer.

You can read my paper here.


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