Positioning Narrative Reflection

In my Writing 100 class, our first assignment was centered on narrative. We were required to write about an educational moment we’d experienced. This was a challenge for many students (myself included) because of how different it was from the usual academic writing we were accustomed to.

What I struggled with most was definitely trying to show and not tell. Despite how cliché that rule is, I still have a hard time following it. Even when my paper felt much too personal and emotional, my classmates and professor still suggested giving more detailed imagery and making it feel more real. I’m still learning to handle narrative in a way that doesn’t feel sterile and distant.

Over the rest of this class and all the time I spend writing, I want to loosen up my ideas of what makes a successful piece. Years of ACT essays and college prep papers left me with a very rigid perception of effective academic writing. I want to learn to focus less on using SAT vocabulary and perfect formatting, and more on creating a narrative that shows the reader what I’ve experienced.

You can read my paper here.


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